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Friday, September 8, 2017

William Devin Howell Becomes Connecticut's Most Prolific Serial Killer

As many of you know, I am writing a book about William Devin Howell and the heinous crimes that he has been charged with committing. Shortly after I connected with Howell in July 2015, he was officially charged with the remaining murders of six individuals whose bodies were found behind a strip mall in New Britain, Connecticut. Three of the bodies were discovered in 2007, and four more were discovered in 2015. At that time of his arrest for the six remaining murders in 2015, Howell was serving a fifteen-year sentence for the murder of Nilsa Arizmendi. Her body was found with other remains in April-May 2015, thus confirming investigators' prior suspicions that he was the culprit.

Yesterday, Howell phoned my law office to inform me that he would be pleading guilty of the charges today. We have discussed the possibility of his pleading guilty at great length during our prison visits in the last year or so. I hope that this development brings some kind of closure to the family members of the victims. That said, there is never closure to losing a loved one- especially when that individual's life was taken in such a senseless and violent manner.

Anne K. Howard

Here's the video that was done just prior to the guilty plea.


  1. Hello. I've stumbled upon your name on the internet as writing a book on William Devin Howell. I was interested in purchasing but I can't find it anywhere. I've worked with aspiring authors before and know it can be hard getting published so I wad just wondering if you have indeed published and I'm just not finding it some reason or if it's still in the process? I was looking to email you but again couldn't find it.

    Anyway thanks so much! Good luck.

  2. Love the way you write your articles