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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Route 8 Murders

Four unsolved murders occurred along Route 8 in Connecticut from October 1988 to August 2004. Three of the female victims were involved in drugs and at least two were known prostitutes. All of the victims lived in Waterbury. It is my hope that this blog attracts great attention from the public, and that otherwise unknown individuals come forward with information about these cold cases. They are relatively old- the cases, that is. Not the memories. Not the pain; as felt by the families and loved ones of the victims and, dare I say, as felt by the victims themselves, whose voices still haunt us from another realm….

Help me.
Hear me.
Make sense of this nightmare.
Comfort me in my death.
Give meaning to my life.

And I do hope, as an audience, that your concern and your compassion can give meaning to the lives of the victims.

Ultimately, my weekly posts and the interactive content contained within this blog may transform into a true crime novel. That is my hope. My greater hope is that the Route 8 killer is found and convicted- and that the loved ones of the victims find resolution.

Finally, a huge disclaimer is in order before the posting begins. As this blog will endeavor to journalize a “work in progress” (i.e. my future true crime novel titled “The Route 8 Murders”), complete factual accuracy in this blog is not initially guaranteed. I will endeavor to be as correct as possible with respect to all of the information and insights that emerge from my research and interviews in the year ahead. That said, the very act of investigating cold cases is not dissimilar to stumbling about a forested maze on a murky night.  At times I may go down a wrong path, which may, in turn, lead me to a different path that bears great promise. Again, this is why I seek the help of the audience at large. Join me in this unfortunate adventure and let’s bring the killer(s) to justice.


  1. You must know that I would help in some way. Just give me a task!

  2. Can you frequent the red light district of Waterbury at 2AM for the next few weeks and interview some of the prostitutes, drug dealers, and Johns? Thanks, buddy.

  3. I'm pretty sure someone from Thomaston got 40 years for one of those murders. I used to know his brother.

    1. You are probably talking about Evelyn Bettencourt's killer. That was a "copy cat" crime . The killer of the other women along Route 8 still remains at large.

  4. The killer is still at large he changed his pattern and has killed some in the states surrounding there . He's currently in his 60s with a heavy southern accent